Welcome to our Creative Neighbourhood

Here we champion inclusivity, accessibility and approachability as we seek to uncover the stories of the creative neighbours who inspire us each and every day.  

As you wander through these digital streets, you can expect to find illustrators, writers, photographers, ceramic artists, tattooists, painters, florists and more from Brisbane/Meanjin and beyond!

So, what're you waiting for? Pop on your birks, grab a tote and take a cheeky wander through the neighbourhood.

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Hey Neighbour Letter

The Neighbourhood Mayors


Andie Dittman (she/her)

Founder and Project Lead

Hey Neighbour, it’s Andie here! Your local curly-haired marketing and PR nerd from Brisbane. As our friend, Marie Kondo once said, “find what sparks joy!”. For me, that’s the arts! Hence I’ve worked at Brisbane Powerhouse in the marketing team, set up Queensland’s premiere music and film festival; Reel Music Video Festival, worked on Public Relations for Queensland Theatre, Queensland Symphony Orchestra and Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers and am now one third of this incredible initiative; Hey Neighbour.  In my spare time, you’ll find me sipping on copious amounts of tea, taking snaps on my Minolta, dancing at gigs and travelling about.

You can find me on the internet here: @andie_dittman


Annie Stevenson (she/they)

Founder and Designer

Hey Neighbour! It’s your very own modern hermit, Annie here~ As Andie is to all things brilliant business lady and creative marketing, I am to all things fine art and design. Currently studying visual art at QUT in Brisbane, I have only recently debuted into the Brisbane art scene with a 3 month artist residency resulting in my multimedia solo exhibition ‘Sleep Demons: a reverie of pink’ (2019) held by Hands on Art at the Substation in Paddington. I’m excited to get more involved with the creative communities in Brisbane and beyond, and I hope Hey Neighbour can be one of those all-inclusive communities that will help continue developing a safe space for emerging creatives to connect and express their beautiful little selves!

You can find me on the internet here: @annie_stevenson_


Aelia Zawiłska (she/her)

Events and Diversity Manager

Hej Sąsiedzie! The name’s Aelia Zawiłska, but most know me as Lia. I’m a queer Polish-Australian ball of chaos who loves the arts and new ideas like I adore a snack on oscypki. Now that you know what makes my tummy full, I ought to tell you what makes my heart full. *insert moving piano ballad* My curiosity for new ideas and projects has lead me to work across the global arts scene from event managing at Jungle Love Festival and Brisbane Festival to producing media content for TheStoryBoxes, building a creative incubator at Poplabs to even social media assisting a Polish-American influencer for the Polish Strajk Kobiet women’s rights protests. When I’m not working, you can find me ‘researching’ on Netflix, watering one of many houseplants or exploring the world with my faves!

You can find me on the internet here: @thechaosthatislia


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