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SoFA and Hey Neighbour present

A House Is Not A Home:
Necessity vs Amenity

For some of us, home has always meant more than just a space to rest our weary heads and gather with loved ones. For others, the past year has caused a huge shift in our thinking, and prompted us to follow suit. Confined in isolation, grappling with an uncertain future, many of us have turned inwards, taking time to practice introspection. In doing so, we have been able to reassess the things that bring us comfort, make us feel like we belong, and provide us with physical and emotional stability. Having spent eighteen months stuck inside, nestling into our homes, we have cause to wonder, how do we structure our living spaces to operate beyond domestic necessity?

Exhibition images captured by Gemma Traynor. 



The UQ Society of Fine Arts (SoFA) is a UQ Union affiliated club established in 2012, run by UQ student volunteers with a thriving passion for the arts industry. As a student run society, we aim to be an inclusive collective for art lovers, by art lovers, endeavouring to contribute to UQ and the greater Brisbane art scene.

You can find SoFA online here. 


Hey Neighbour

Hey Neighbour is a Meanjin (Brisbane) based arts collective that uplifts, connects and celebrates the creative humans roaming about our neighbourhood through a breadth of online projects and live events. 

You can find Hey Neighbour online here. 

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House Conspiracy

House Conspiracy is a community arts centre that fosters emerging artists and promotes creative cross-pollination with a vision to strengthen the community. We offer a homely environment to explore new creative avenues, forge long-lasting connections, and address questions that matter to the community.

You can find House Conspiracy online here. 


The Galley


Amy Vowles

​Amy Vowles is an emerging artist based in Meanjin (Brisbane), studying a Bachelor of Fine Art at QUT. Her practice explores the interconnectivity between identity, the body and spirituality through a personal and universal context. Her work is constantly evolving through multimedia, via iterative experimentation of painting, the body, projection, digital art and installation.

Find Amy online here.


Timothy Joseph

Timothy Joseph's practice involves a combination of mediums such as acrylic, watercolour and ink. The work he creates presents the external world through an internal lens, and offers an optimistic yet sensitive look at his relationship with the urbanised environments in which he lives. Joseph's work ponders both the interdependence and disparity between people and place. For the artist, it is this duality that drives the need for us to interrogate the world we inhabit and how we live within it.

Find Timothy online here. 


Chloe McMahon

Chloe McMahon is an emerging artist practicing on the stolen lands of the Jagara and Turrbal people. Currently undertaking a Bachelor of Fine Art at QUT, she explores the connection between nude body forms and their relationship with the natural world through a unique femine lens, free from an exploitative gaze.

Find Chloe online here. 


Sunday Jemmott

With a focus on contemporary painting, jewellery and sculpture, Sunday investigates the role of craft materials' playful and decorative capacity. Using vibrant colour, to navigate surface and positive emotion, her colourful mixed media paintings celebrate a naive aesthetic to address how play and joyful affect have been ill-attended in art history and contemporary culture. Sunday's whimsical work welcomes enjoyment and challenges expectations of play and a gendered aesthetic, establishing their currency.

Find Sunday online here. 


Annie Stevenson

Annie Stevenson's practice is currently focused on stylised portraiture, personifying intense emotional concepts within androgynous and femme forms, and intermixing symbols of divinity with characteristics of demons. As well as painting and drawing, their practice includes textiles and installations, from crochet sculptures and plush creatures to interactive environments.

Find Annie online here. 


The Kitchen


Lily Turek

LILGRL is a queer artist reigning from far North Queensland, bringing the heat with her kooky character, shapes and patterns. Utilising art as a vehicle for relief, LILGRL aims to reach out past herself and into the lived human experience of others to form connection and community. 

You can find Lily online here. 


Myf Halton

Myf Halton is a creative practitioner and emerging curator based in Meanjin (Brisbane) Myf has initiated a fine arts practice over the past 18 months working with the ceramic medium as a starting point in exploring the experience of ‘placemaking’ in late capitalism.

You can find Myf online here. 


Margot Stewart

Margot Stewart's practice sources its strength from the fact that it is not cohesive or settled, and neither is she - the artist is constantly exploring an abundance of themes, not limited to but sometimes within the realm of identity, femininity, the body, the landscape, and the abject.

You can find Margot online here. 


The Halls


Lachie Rhodes

Lachie Rhodes is an artist and writer from Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia. In his practice – which marries photography with the written word – Rhodes uses a mixture of antiquated and modern processes to build narratives, personal mythologies and contemporary folklores. Often operating on a small intimate scale, his works encourage an atmosphere of confidentiality and vulnerability.

You can find Lachie online here.


Madi Marston

Madi Marston is an illustrator and comics maker. Currently Marston's main practice centres on using mediums like inks, water colours, makers, and gouache, but she also enjoys creating digital art on her iPad too! 

You can find Madi online here. 


Jacob Squire

Jacob Squire's practice explores the human condition, with a focus on personal growth through the act of engaging with trauma, emotional strain, love, lust, oneself, and higher powers. Drawing from chaotic aesthetics, Squire channels his ever-developing mental wellbeing into his vibrant works, acting as a therapeutic outlet. His practice extends to the use of painting, sculpture and costume.

You can find Jacob online here.


The Studio


Charlee Carthew-de Looze

​At its core, Charlee's practice aims to recontextualise domestic textiles whilst exploring personal memory. The utilisation of text investigates personal and collective emotions through a focus on processes such as sewing, mending, embroidery and textile installation.

You can find Charlee online here.


Madi Dufficy

Madi's practice aims to recreate intimacies of the domestic space within gallery settings and draw comparisons between art objects and viewer bodies. She does this by creating soft, oversized, sculptural forms reminiscent of furniture, made from domestic materials – specifically textiles. 

You can find Madi online here. 


Shikani Sargent

Shikani is a Sunshine Coast based artist who loves to experiment across a range of mediums, under the name Smessyart. She predominantly works with acrylic paint, collage and mixed media but has expanded her practice to include other art forms such as digital illustration, printmaking and ceramics. 

You can find Shikani online here.


The Dining Room

HouseIsNotAHome-Exhibition-83 (1)_edited.jpg

Gemma Traynor

Gemma Traynor's practice is often concerned with people's individual experiences, and how they are projected onto material objects, by questioning and investigating the history of an object or place. In exploring this intimate attachment we create with places and things, Traynor's practice also interrogates the themes of memory and memory loss.

You can find Gemma online here.


Kathleen O'Hagan

Kathleen O'Hagan is a Brisbane-based figurative artist. Her practice investigates the way collective values, within culturally diverse communities, impact individual identity. Through self-portraiture, O'Hagan's works explore the tension and transition she has encountered between her orthodox upbringing and the wider community, disrupting the boundaries of collective unity. Her practice lends itself to serial work through painting, drawing, animation, and artist books.

You can find Kathleen online here. 


Ruby MacGregor

Ruby MacGregor is a local ceramic artist, working out of her home studio in Kangaroo Point. Her work is a mix of functional and sculptural ceramics, with a focus on earthy tones and organic sculptural forms, inspired by native Australian bushland and its overwhelming beauty and significance as a landscape.

You can find Ruby online here.


Zara Rose Dudley

Zara Dudley’s practice predominantly addresses spirituality and its intersections with girlhood. Through the mediums of soft sculpture, video, collage, internet art and installation, Dudley explores her personal journey of healing and recalibrating the self. Her personal narratives are presented through the employment of found object, unmonumental materials and a cyclical archive of supporting imagery and symbols

You can find Zara online here.


Soph Gibson

Soph Gibson is an emerging mixed media artist in Meanjin (Brisbane), studying a BFA Visual Arts at QUT. Their work commonly features sculpture, integrating found objects, traditional mediums, text, and photography. Their practice challenges common ideas of space by engaging with institutional critique and fresh perspectives.

You can find Soph online here.

IMG_6714 3.jpg

The Bathroom + Yard

IMG_6714 3.jpg

Paean Sarkar

Paean Sarkar is currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art) at QUT. Her conceptually driven practice focuses on the relationship between language and the human experience.

You can find Paean online here.


Fin Wegener

The Abstract Human Radio is a trans-disciplinary project that spans from interactive installations to projections and sound art. With a focus on creating immersive arts experiences, radio operator Fin Wegener draws on influences from ambient music, visual art and experimentalist methodologies to explore the possibilities between music, visual art and technology.

You can find Fin online here.

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