KMAY's Powerful New Single "Don't Touch"

Electric, emotive and essential, Brisbane/Meanjin based rapper KMAY’s new track; Don’t Touch will set your mind and inner activist ablaze.

Inspired by a harrowing tale of manipulation, disrespect and non-consensual video recordings, KMAY has snatched a victory from the jaws of defeat with this protest rap.

“I was so frustrated and so angry. I thought, where the f**k do I channel the anger I have towards this guy?”

Unearthing an old beat in the midst of her despair, the lyrics poured from KMAY.

“The first words I said to him were, I don’t think you should touch me, but I got guilt tripped. That’s where the chorus came from.”

After recording the track, KMAY sat on it for a while as she felt it begged for something bigger than an average release.

“The day after I performed it at a house party, I was thinking about the potential of a release and Dr Indigo Willing tagged me in a Consent Is Rad post. It clicked; the perfect opportunity to build up this movement and use my film skills.”

Since filming and releasing a series of mini documentaries with the skaters from Consent Is Rad, KMAY believes her confidence in demanding consent has been cemented.

“It’s nice knowing self-love and respect for yourself echoes out to other people and makes them feel just as good as you do once you set those boundaries.”

Not one to slow down, KMAY is set to throw a launch for her Don’t Touch music video and upcoming EP at the Bad Olive show on 12 December, 2020.