BITTIES: Instagram community set to thrill audiences with upbeat and unabashed stories about BOOBS!


They’re wonderful, sometimes laughable bits of fat and fibrous tissue that come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Yet, despite more than half of the population having a set they carry around day-by-day and enough stories to fill an afternoon picnic with your friends about a thousand times over, the female form continues to exist within a mystifying bubble of questions and anxious middle of the night Google sessions.

Fed up with the spread of misinformation and the continued over-sexualisation of breasts in the media, Rachel Liviero - a film producer hailing from Brisbane/Meanjin and now based in London, delivers a fresh and authentic take on living with boobs through her comedy-driven Instagram community; Bitties.

Bitties Founder and Producer, Rachel Liviero. Image captured by Ben Cotgrove.

Set to revel in the humorous reality of our chest friends and reveal the not-so-sexy side of owning a pair, Bitties will offer a multi-media hub featuring episodic sketches, interviews, trivia, art and animation. The main event - a two-part series shot in Brisbane/Meanjin, will pick the locks off women’s diaries and unleash the hidden tales of bra debarkles, nip slips and the age-old accidental uni-boob. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, this series was created by *almost* an entire team of female-identifying creatives (bar one sweet male cinematographer) meaning it offers an authentic and respectful female voice and gaze. Can we get a cheers to that, ladies!

Episode One of Bitties will be released 12 March, 2021 via Instagram.
Actors pictured: Lydia Mocerino, Merlynn Tong, Rachel Liviero, Caitlin Hill. Image captured by Ben Cotgrove.

Close to the heart of the creator who remembers her “big old bitties” arriving at the youthful age of eleven, Bitties will drive an open dialogue about the experience of women and hopes to be an accessible space for ladies to take charge of their bodies and how they’re presented.

So, whether your boobs are large and in charge, itty bitty or anything in between; Bitties is a shame-free zone of the internet you can turn to in your middle-of-the-night moments of panic to answer your questions and even crack a smile at the silly set of friends sat on your chest.

To find out more about Bitties, head to their Instagram page here.

About LIVLarge:

LIVLarge is a production company established by Rachel Liviero that specialises in telling stories about the female experience and placing women in front as well as behind the camera. The company seeks to create content that deals with representation, taboo subjects and marginalised aspects of society with a strong focus on the female voice.

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