Cosy up in the Artist Corner with Mark from Die Last Print Co.

Welcome to Artist Corner; a space to document local legends who help bring the products in our dreams to life.

This time round, we had a chit-chat with Brisbane’s sticker man, Mark from Die Last Print Co.

As a Mark of all trades, the journey to stickering began when he was illustrating graphics for metal bands, tattooists and alcohol companies.

“Bands would come to me asking where they could get their s**t printed. I realised there was an opportunity I could capitalise on. Everyone was doing shirts, so I thought stickers could be a sick little niche.”

Since its conception in 2016, Die Last Print Co. has built up a suite of neat clients; from Young Henrys to Beach Burrito Co.

When he’s not printing (each run of 100 stickers takes an hour!), you’ll find Mark crafting custom fonts and graphics under his artist alias; Ironhides.

Through Ironhides, Mark has worked with leading metal bands; Bring Me The Horizon, Architects and Yelawolf as well as painted a few murals around town.

“It’s so awesome to work with these guys! I started drawing when I’d listen to their songs and quite often my work was based on the lyrics they’d written. I used to send them what I’d made. I think that partially got me to where I am.”

Before we said goodbye, Mark wanted to toot the horns of his favourite locals; Amy Crow and SGT. Bones who you should absolutely check out on Instagram!

Want a sticker printed?

  1. 1. Slide into Mark’s Instagram DMs -

  2. 2. Put on your business shoes and email Mark -

Three Tips To Stick To

  1. 1. Provide a high resolution file - so your design looks cool and crisp

  2. 2. Send through the Adobe Illustrator file - makes it simple for Mark to tweak

  3. 3. No semi-transparent colours - Mr Printer likes solid colours