Eat Ya Greens Food Trail

Brisbane/Meanjin’s Cosy Plant-Based Corners

Before we send you on a delicious journey to some of Brisbane/Meanjin’s finest plant-based paradises, we have to warn you that belly rumbles are inevitable. Grab a snack, your map and let’s get to it!

Stop One: Papermoon and Wildspice Kitchen

Papermoon and Wildspice Kitchen has well and truly won the hearts of southsiders with it’s 100% vegan menu. Headed by the gorgeous Holly, this spot has some of the finest vegan coffee you’ll find and delectable dishes like The Betty; two Golden Rostis with a warm lentil and roast pumpkin salad. *heart flutters*

Stop Two: Lucky Duck and All My Friends

Love the farm to face lifestyle? Well, this ones a quacker. Lucky Duck and All My Friends rest like royalty over Highgate Hill with their incredible coffee, scrumptious produce and 10/10 playlists. If we popped by, we’d grab an espresso and an ‘Our Mates Plate’!

Stop Three: The Bearded Lady

Cosy up on the couch at a West End favourite of ours and tuck into their incredible new menu. From mouthwateringly good Salt and Pepper Tofu to the Veggie Hot Pot of dreams, dining at The Bearded Lady is like stopping by your best mates place for dinner - you want to try everything and you will leave with a full stomach and heart.

Stop Four: El Planta

Nestled in South Brisbane, El Planta is a mexican fanatic’s dream come true. Authentic, delicious and 100% housemade; this restaurant will leave your tumm the happiest it’s ever been. If corn wasn’t already your favourite veg, their charred corn will cement that position effortlessly.

Stop Five: Nonnas Nightmare

If plant-based food wasn’t good enough, how about plant-based Italian? Oh my, don’t let your dreams be dreams - let them be Nonna’s Nightmare. Cosy up in West End with a Magic Mushroom Pizza, Gnocchi Salsiccia and a Puttanesca. Yumbo!

Stop Six: You Came Again

You Came Again? Better believe it. We had to Tapa into some more delicious harissa roasted carrots, popcorn cauliflower bites and house-made mulled wine.

Have some veggie restaurant suggestions?

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