Explaining the ".net"

Hey Neighbour, we've got a confession to make...

It all started on a warm, spring afternoon. Andie sat down with a cup of tea in hand, a biscuit for later and a brain buzzin' with ideas for this new "big biz" website.

She fiddled with all the tools; humbly started referring to herself as a "web developer".

But then, crisis struck in the form of a domain name game.

She put on her detective wear, got the cat involved and went searching.

Discovery! heyneighbour.COM had already been taken by what appears to be an American restaurant?

Now hungry, Andie played with all the .inserthightechword's she could.

Would Hey Neighbour have a, .online? Or .shop? What about .blog? No. None of these quite felt right.

A phone call later, Andie and Annie settled on a good ol' fashioned .net.

You may have to whip out a dial up machine to get here but, we are in fact here.

So neighbour, WELCOME to Hey Neighbour on the WORLD WIDE WEB.

Here you'll find articles in The Post, useful resources in the Artist Corner and another way to chat with us through Direct Mail.

We want this space to be open to our neighbours. So, if you've got some writing, artwork, essays or poems to share, send em through friends via

Pssht, are you seeing this? Gmail had it in em' to give us the new age .com. I win some, you .net some.

With love from your friendly .net neighbours,

Andie and Annie x