A Lil Chat With Lil Grl

Picture this: a mind full of ideas, a heart full of passion and a desire to cultivate inclusivity wherever she goes. Just like that, you’ve landed on a portrait of local artist, Lily Turek.

When she’s not skating, working in disability support, studying or volunteering at Hands On Art; you’ll find Lily perched over a deck with paints in hand and a world of ideas to be explored.

Initially built as a vessel to interrogate her own headspace, Lily found her way with art when she combined her passion for skating with her creative practice.

“I always had a fairly big passion for art, but growing up in such a small country town made it hard to express it appropriately. I felt boxed in with my ideas. So, when the idea dawned on me to paint my art on skate decks, it helped open up that process a lot.”

In a leap of faith, Lily moved down to Brisbane a couple of years ago and sought out every skate meet up she could.

“When I entered the scene, I loved it, but noticed there was a lot to be done in terms of diversity and inclusivity.”

With a paint brush and iPad in hand, she set to work exploring skate culture, feminism, queerness, body image and mental health disorders through her work. All of which she seeks to represent and learn more about regularly.

Lily in her studio. Photo by Andie Dittman.

Humble and hardworking by nature, Lily fretted when I asked what some of her greatest art achievements had been so.

"Well um, I suppose some of the things I'm proud of are We Skate Brisbane and my collaboration with local tattooist, Taia."

With Lily’s knack for art and Taia’s tattooing skills, the pair raised over $2500 for Black Rainbows; an organisation that supports Indigenous and LGBTQIA+ peoples.

Lily sketching initial ideas. Photo by Andie Dittman.

Moving forward, Lily has an array of exciting things in the works. She’s set to host an exhibition at The Station in Fortitude Valley on December 12 titled Lead In My Feet and is working towards completing an art therapy degree.

"As I keep growing, I hope to see a lot more openness and diversity within the creative scene. We definitely need to spice up the gender balance a bit when it comes to exhibitions because it's 2020 and male-dominated space has been done."