Playlist Picks by Real Feels

You know that sensation when you catch yourself smiling out the bus window like a dork or even dancing along the street unwittingly to a playlist bursting with delicious audible fruits?

Well, we're here to give you a heads up that these two playlists compiled by our friends over at Real Feels will have you doing just that!

  1. It's time to rock n' roll with Lucy Francesca Don

Stop the bus! Brisbane/Meanjin has picked up a post-punk powerhouse by the name of Lucy Francesca Dron.

Set to release her debut EP Leftovers soon, Lucy has crafted an authentic sound oozing with vulnerability and a lucid recognition of self.

Her most recent track, Take It From Me forms the heart of the album and offers listeners kaleidoscopic vocals that dance playfully over jangly drums and punky guitar lines. This is a sonic experience that’ll have you moving your bodies in a fun-filled frenzy.

Ahead of her release, Hey Neighbour asked Lucy to compile a playlist of tunes that inspire her to get creative and dance the night away.

Get set to rock n’ roll baby. Here's Lucy's one way ticket to groovetown.

Listen here!

2. Settle in with Sammm.

It’s time to snuggle up with a cup of dreamy indie rock and slack-pop served fresh by local musician, Sammm.

Delving into his own inner workings, Sammm creates a sonic landscape speckled with life-changing experiences; namely, substance abuse, self-care and intense romantic relationships, in his newest EP, Fresh Sheet Feeling.

Taking listeners a step further, Sammm has created a playlist rich with indie rock, psych and jangle pop artists that’ll drop you straight into his world.

Have a listen here.

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