Sober Eyes

Her eyes glisten in the sun and spin in the wind,

They are the window to the cyclone within,

But I wish she had sober eyes.

I wish she had sober eyes.

Maybe she would realise that sober eyes don’t tell lies,

Save her from hurt and demise,

Protect her from uncanny sights,

And unexpected high tides.

I wish she had sober eyes.

Trusted her strong bloodlines to stray from troubled nights,

And give in sooner to long awaited goodbyes.

I wish she had sober eyes,

Internalised her empowerment and gave autonomy a try.

I wish she had sober eyes to clear her insight.

Maybe then she could cry.

In peace.

And release.

The energies that have been shackled to her feet.

I wish she had sober eyes,

To sleep,

To reap the fruits of the seeds planted by me.

I wish,


We wish,

She had sober eyes.

About Joella Warkill

Joella is a proud First Nations and South Sea Islander woman and writer. Passionate about poetry and using art to decipher insightful, internal journeys, Joella is also currently majoring in Creative Writing through her double degree at QUT.