Suburban Cycle Route

the pedals spun with a sound like crickets

and crickets sung like ball to wickets

above, ball-bats circled like vultures

and distant vultures made of men sculptures

these two humans spun their wheels quicker

and as speed reigned their consciences snickered

at the sun sinking low while all flew high

when no one could guess that the end was nigh

the end of what was what the girl did know

but the oblivious man did not slow

they pedalled along as the sun sang through their hair

and trees glistened on the road to nowhere.

About Svetlana Sterlin

After years of relocation, Svetlana Sterlin was raised by her Russian parents in Brisbane, Australia, where she completed a BFA and contributes to Our Culture Magazine and ScreenRant. Her work appears in several publications, including Entropy Magazine, Santa Fe Writers Project, and AndAlso Books’ anthology, ‘Within/Without These Walls’, published in association with the 2018 Brisbane Open House.