The Ghost Space Tale

Meanjin's Newest Creative Haunt

When all the lights went dim, the ghosts came out to play. They sang, they danced, they painted and against all odds, they captured the creative life of the people within this city when their spirits lie silently in the shadows of lockdown.

Reigning over West End like a beacon signalling a new era, comes Ghost Space Studios - the creative venue of your dreams and haunted house of your nightmares.

Established by Hine, Pierangela (preferably Pier) and Hollie in October 2020, Ghost Space Studios are shining their torch in the direction of Meanjin’s local makers and re-introducing their neighbours to the thrill of live music, art workshops, photography sessions and wicked study nooks.

Crossing paths in highschool, Pier and Hine’s spirits were set alight by each other’s passion for photographing the world they navigate.

Viewing her environment through a dream-like lens, Pier seeks out sonic experiences that feel like rapture. When she’s not singing on a stage or arranging objects in ghostly corners, you’ll find her seeking out the silence of a forest.

On the other (likely tranluscent) hand, Hine opts for nostalgic portraiture to justify her unholy number of analogue cameras and loves to sip on chai with honey as she mulls over new subjects. In a burst of exploration, Hine discovered Hollie - the final member to Meanjin’s film photography trifecta.

Hollie is a final year film student whose skillful eye has seen her shoot some of Meanjin’s finest - from Golden Vessel to Clea. Currently busy at work on a new project, Hollie has been cooped up in the studio with Joep Beving turned up loud and on repeat.

Together this dream team present Ghost Space Studios - Meanjin’s newest creative haunt.

Fancy displaying or selling your art at Ghost Space Studios?

Send a message on Instagram @ghostspacestudios

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