The Neigbourhood Project

You know that all-encompassing, butterflies in the belly, shivers up the arm sensation you get when you stumble across something creative?

Well, that’s a daily delight for myself and Annie. Creative people just fill up our cups with all things warm and wonderful.

At the very heart of Hey Neighbour, is a deep-rooted desire to cultivate an inclusive creative neighbourhood brimming with local legends, ready to lend a helping hand.

In this issue (and hopefully going forward), we aim to connect incredible artists with local businesses to encourage growth for both parties (*jumps for joy*).

Our fantastic “advertisers” (*cough* legends), have kindly dipped into their pockets to buy “ad” (*ahem* art) spaces spotted throughout the magazine all designed by our neighbours. The aim of the game is to promote sick businesses while giving back to artists.

At our launch in December, you’ll have the chance to purchase all of the delicious custom prints for your walls and wander through an exhibition featuring them too. A dream? Yes. So, who have we got lined up?

The Bearded Lady by Riva Charles - p6

Moonstone Artists by Steph Blinco - p15

No Touchies by Steph Blinco - p17

Studio Risara by Eliza Williams - p25

The Food Trail by Georgia Dawson - sponsored by Hey Neighbour - p26

Artist Corner by Alex Mackellar - sponsored by Hey Neighbour - p29

You can view Neighbourhood Press online here.

Want to buy an art space for the next issue? Email us at

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