WAVY WHISPERS: a UK-based couple are sailing the world and selling crochet along the way!

Textile Artist, Tyler Danielle Potter’s crochet practice is as fluid and tranquil as her life aboard her 28ft sailboat, Our Choice and reflects the rich history of the art form.

From pulling Irish farmers out of poverty during the Great Famine of the 1800s to decorating the unconventional and liberated hippies of the 1960s with brightly coloured curbside-produced wears - crochet is an art form that has weaved its way across the world and acted as a chameleon reflecting the culture of the characters who chose to transform their thrifted thread. It’s a style of needlework that since the 1960s has become almost synonymous with nomadic living and a resolute push to outwardly express an authentic self. A legacy that English-born textile artist, Tyler Danielle Potter, continues to realise through her practice and business - Wavy Whispers.

Moored at Felixstowe Ferry in Suffolk, Tyler Danielle Potter’s life echoes the freedom of 60s crochet artists - as she sails across the sea with her partner, Ben, selling her artisan accessories and wears along the way. At the helm of this shift to life at sea, Ben first floated the idea when the pair were studying at the University of Canterbury in the United Kingdom. Having always dreamed of leading a wayfarers lifestyle - either in a vintage van or cozied up in a tiny home - Tyler was enthralled with this proposition to live in harmony with nature as it informs her textile practice. In a truly Gen Z fashion, Tyler and Ben trawled through Facebook Marketplace while they were studying in search of their humble new home, Our Choice. It was during this time, Tyler was struck with another aha moment as she discovered a passion for crochet at a textile workshop in London. As a portable artform, crochet provided the perfect means for Tyler to continue creating within her new, slightly more snug home.

Settling into her eighth month onboard Our Choice, Tyler’s creative practice has adapted to match the fluid nature of her lifestyle. Her mornings are kept busy with maintaining the boat, adding to it’s already eclectic interiors and working with Ben on setting up the mechanisms for Wavy Whispers. By night, she settles into a flowstate crocheting and experimenting with new forms discovered through her sailing adventures. It’s clear when observing Tyler’s work that there’s an authentic sense of calm, confidence and comfort weaved through each and every garment. By choosing to live in an environment that matches the messages she seeks to portray through her crochet, Tyler is sailing towards creating a fashion business that creates an honest sense of connection between it’s buyers and the creator. For that, Hey Neighbour cannot help but wish Tyler and Ben fair winds and following seas. We cannot wait to see your adventure unfold!

If you’d like to keep up with Tyler and Ben, follow them on Instagram @wavywhispers.
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