Wavy Whispers answer your questions!

Hey Neighbour got in touch with our mates Wavy Whispers via the digital waves to answer your top five questions on everyone's lips!

1. How do you gather materials for your crochet while at sea?

Tyler: “I use entirely second-hand materials, usually donations or charity shop finds. Since COVID-19 emerged it’s been a little harder to source my materials because the majority of charity shops have been closed for a few months now. I’ve had to rely on donations more than I’d hoped. Though, I love how the yarn I use has a story from its past and that I’m giving life to something which became unwanted. It’s also more sustainable and cheaper than buying new materials.”

2. Is it expensive to live at sea?

Tyler: “Boat life is very much an affordable way to live - with no monthly rent or bills you have much more control over where you’re spending money. Food, gas, fuel and occasional repairs are the main expenses we encounter. The only other cost is mooring fees, but we plan on staying at anchor as much as possible in order to save money.”

3. Is it sustainable to live at sea?

Tyler: "Sailing your home around the world is a really sustainable way to live because you save on fuel which you can't do in cars!"

4. What would be your number one tip for leading a nomadic lifestyle as a creative?

Tyler: “Minimalism. Our Choice is 28 ft. long and even though she is packed with cleverly designed storage spaces, aiming for a clutter free environment is the way to go.”

5. Where are you planning to go next?

Tyler: “We’re hoping to get out to sea when the warm weather returns and to cross over to France when we’re ready. Once we’ve crossed the channel we’ll be making our way down to the Mediterranean where we’ll hopefully spend next winter.”